Omicron Lite Vaporizer

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  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible with 1.5ohm or 2.5ohm Cartridges
  • Quick Heat-Up Time
  • Long Battery Life
  • Includes Carrying Case

Product Description


The Omicron Lite Vaporizer is a sophisticated oil vaporizer made by Delta 9 as a smaller, more affordable version of the popular Omicron 2.5 Vaporizer. Like its big brother, the Omicron Lite is compatible with all essential oils and can use either 1.5 Ohm or 2.4 Ohm cartridges. Users can choose from either Black or Silver exterior.


All you do is load your oil into the cartridge using the included vape tool, connect the cartridge to the Omicron battery, and press the power button 5 times rapidly to unlock it. Once the battery is unlocked, you can slip on a hygienic mouth tip; then hold down the power button and inhale gently for about 8 seconds. This will initiate the convection current within the cartridge. Don’t hold the power button for more than 10 seconds at a time or you’ll risk overheating the battery. Vaporizing your essential oils with this method will yield a nice, satisfying inhalation from the Omicron Lite Vaporizer.


The Omicron Lite comes with a mini USB charger included so you can charge anywhere there’s a USB port handy. What puts the Omicron Lite on a pedestal in our mind is the fact that the battery lasts over 2 hours on a full charge and the Omicron can be used flawlessly while still charging. Not many oil vaporizers can boast this functionality. When the vape session is over, cleanup is a breeze. We recommend waiting until the heating element is cooled, then use a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution on a cotton swab to remove any excess residue. Delta 9 includes a convenient padded carrying case with every Omicron Lite Vaporizer. This case has compartments for all the necessary components: battery, cartridge, mouth piece and USB charger.

Additional Information

Warranty Info Heating Element - 1 Year
Voltage 110v
Height (packaging) 8 in.
Width (packaging) 4 in.
Length (packaging) 2 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.60 lbs.