Persei Vaporizer

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  • Easy to Use
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Completely Portable - No Cords or Wires
  • Durable Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Product Description


The Persei has garnered wide acclaim for being the most efficient and effective portable oil vaporizer available. It’s debatable whether or not this is a “pen vaporizer” due to its weight and girth, but we just love this thing so much we had to share it with you. The Persei is made by Delta 9 Vapes, the masterminds behind the Omicron and O-Phos vaporizers. After you try this vape, you’ll agree that Delta 9 is leading the way for oil and wax vaporizers.


Vaporizing essential oils and waxes just got a whole lot easier with the Persei Vaporizer’s variable voltage system. What this means is that you can interchange batteries of differing voltage into the Persei battery chamber to regulate the heat production. Different combinations of batteries yield different vapor consistency. Delta 9 Vapes makes customization a priority so you can enjoy the vapor experience that is both easy on your lungs and your wallet.


1 x 18650 battery = 3.7 volts

2 x cr123a battery = 6.0 volts

2 x 18350 battery = 7.4 volts


Another customizable option on the Persei is the draw stem. The Persei comes with two cartridges which can be used in tandem for maximum vapor enjoyment. Or if you want to conserve your concentrates, just load up one cartridge and you’ll still get pleasurable results. This vaporizer is conceived and created with efficiency and enjoyment in mind. The patent pending cartridge design has been tested to sustain over 400 six-second inhalations.


The Persei is available in either metallic silver or black finish. While it’s a little larger than its sleeker younger brothers, the Omicron and O-Phos, Persei is still a thin, ergonomic device that can be easily maintained, charged, and utilized on-the-go.

Note: Only works with oils/concentrates - No Herbs.

Additional Information

Warranty Info No
Voltage Dual (110v + 220v)
Height (packaging) 6 in.
Width (packaging) 4 in.
Length (packaging) 3 in.
Weight (packaging) 1.10 lbs.