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  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

    Meet the Ghost Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber, a brand new discreet vape pen for waxy oils. Featuring a high-quality titanium heating coil inside the atomizer, the Ghost Vaporizer heats up quickly and efficiently vaporizes your waxes without any worry about combustion. Dr. Dabber placed a premium on user health and performance when designing the Ghost Vaporizer, integrating a Titanium coil that solidifies their "high class, low profile" motif.

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  • Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer
    Dr. Dabber has become one of the most widely recognized and trusted names in the industry since the release of their flagship unit - the Ghost. Looking to build on that success, Dr. Dabber recently released a slimmed down version of the Ghost that’s even more compact and discreet as the original. The Dr. Dabber Light features the same cutting-edge low-heat Titanium Technology as the Ghost, but in a smaller, stealthier package. By heating concentrates and waxy oils slowly, instead of flash-heating on contact, the Dr. Dabber Light produces cleaner hits without the kind of burnt taste you get with other vaporizer pens. The Light comes with a single coil wicked atomizer, constructed from medical grade ceramic and high-quality titanium. The Dr. Dabber Light proves big things can come in small packages.

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