GGG Vaporizer

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  • Triple Use (Herbs, Wax & Oil)
  • Easy to Use
  • Sleek Design
  • One-Button Activation
  • Quick Heat-Up Time

Product Description


The GGG is a convenient triple-function vaporizer that heats up quickly and efficiently vaporizes dry blends, oils and waxes. Featuring an ergonomic pen aesthetic and an array of color options, the GGG is the perfect vaporizer for someone who is new to vaporizing on the go.


You have the choice of using your GGG vaporizer with traditional dry blends, solid waxy concentrates, or liquid concentrates known as “essential oils.” If you’re using the herb chamber, be sure to grind up your blends finely before inserting them into the cartridge. The cartridge heats your plants using a conduction current generated by the nichrome coil at the bottom of the chamber. It’s important to not fill it too fully as the current needs some airflow in order to fully and efficiently  vaporize the essential ingredients in the flowers.

If you’re more inclined to vape concentrates, you can use the GGG as an oil or wax vaporizer simply by changing out the herb cartridge with the clear oil tank or waxy atomizer which come standard with every unit. Simply load your liquid or waxy oil into the designated chamber, screw the chamber onto the battery and prime the power button to get your GGG ready for therapeutic use.  Whether you’re using dry blends or concentrates, it’s important to only hold down the power button for 8-10 seconds maximum. Taking a nice gentle 5-8 second inhale while holding the power button will yield a satisfying vapor cloud upon exhale.


The GGG Vaporizer comes with a Dabber Tool which can be used both to load oils and waxes into the clearomizer (or “oil tank”) as well as for cleaning the residue of vaped concentrates out of the waxy atomizer. For more sophisticated cleaning, a simple solution with 90% isopropyl alcohol can be squirted into the clearomizer and swished around for a minute to loosen up any old gunk or waxy residue.

 Additionally there is an included Cleaning Brush which is designed for use with the herbal chamber. Sometimes vaped grounds will stick to the sides of the chamber and this Cleaning Brush makes for a swift clean-up so you have a clean uninterrupted draw for your next session of flowers in the GGG.  When not in use, simply attach your GGG vaporizer battery to  the wall adapter or USB charger which come standard with every GGG, making sure to fully charge the battery before every use. Full charging will increase the shelf life of your battery and regular cleaning of the clearomizer and wax atomizer will enhance every vaporizing experience with your GGG Vaporizer Pen.

Additional Information

Warranty Info 3 Months - Battery
Voltage 110v
Height (packaging) 4.25 in.
Width (packaging) 6.25 in.
Length (packaging) 2.25 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.50 lbs.