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White Rhino is a premiere pen vaporizer manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They make a wide array of affordable products such as the Dube Vaporizer for dry blends, the Sleek Vaporizer for wax, and the Liquid Vaporizer for e-liquids, juices and essential oils. They also offer the Trifecta, which can vaporize all three materials, as the name indicates.

  • Dube Vaporizer

    The Dube Vaporizer is without question one of the sleekest vaporizer pens ever created; indeed it may be the skinniest vape that we have ever encountered. White Rhino prides themselves on the strength and style of each of their vaporizers, and the Dube is no exception to that standard of excellence. It takes only seconds to heat up and delivers massive clouds of furious vapor from herbs, liquid concentrates or waxy oils.

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  • White Rhino Sleek Vaporizer

    The White Rhino Sleek is a premiere pen vaporizer made by industry heavyweights White Rhino. With the Sleek, users can vaporize essential oils and waxes with ease thanks to the simple one-touch activation system. This vape really lives up to its name as it is ergonomic, easy to use, and available in a variety of distinct pastel-toned colors.

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  • Dube XS Vaporizer

    The Dube XS Vaporizer is a sleek, ergonomic vape pen that is compatible with dry blends, solid waxes as well as liquid concentrates. The same chamber is used for all three so we recommend fully charging the battery and cleaning the chamber thoroughly between uses.

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  • White Rhino W Vaporizer

    The W Vaporizer is a brand new portable pen vape from White Rhino that is specially calibrated to vaporize oils and waxes with ease. You’ll be the envy of your friends and colleagues thanks to the W Pen’s sleek glossy finish, fast acting heating element and clean, thorough vaporization. The White Rhino W is available a variety of eye-catching shades of blue, black, pink, green, orange, purple, red, and silver.

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  • White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer

    The White Rhino Liquid is a premiere portable vaporizer that is compatible with oils and e-juices. With a clearomizer capable of holding 1.6mL of material, the Liquid Vaporizer really lives up to its name.

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  • White Rhino Liquid Mini Vaporizer

    The Liquid Mini by White Rhino is a thinner version of the original Liquid Vaporizer. Each tank holds up to 1.0mL of oil or e-juice and operates at 3.7 Volts. The Liquid Mini is available in 10 vibrant colors and comes with a USB charger for convenient charging virtually anywhere. The Liquid Mini is available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Purple, Silver, and White.

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  • Dube Disposable Vaporizer

    This is a smaller version of the popular Dube Vaporizer by White Rhino. However unlike the original Dube, the Disposable version is only compatible with waxes and oils. It features one-button activation and rapid, efficient heating of your favorite concentrates. This Dube is ideal for travel use.


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