Sky High Vaporizer

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  • Includes Two Vaporizers
  • Easy to Use
  • One-Button Activation System
  • Compatible with Wax
  • Sleek Design

Product Description


The SkyHigh Vaporizer is a quality vape pen that is compatible with all types of essential oils and waxes. Its long-lasting battery will run for over 4 hours of use before needing to be recharged. All you need to do is remove the mouthpiece, load a couple dabs of your preferred concentrate into the atomizer and you can begin vaping in a matter of seconds.


The single touch activator button makes it incredibly easy to operate. To unlock the vaporizer, just hit the button five times rapidly and then once your material is loaded, all you do is hold the button down and inhale gently for about 5-8 seconds, releasing the button before you finish inhaling.  You can usually get 8-10 strong draws off of a filled chamber.


SkyHigh is so proud of their product that they include TWO fully-functioning vaporizers—that’s right: two batteries, two atomizers and two mouthpieces come standard in every package. You can’t find a better deal anywhere. The sleek design and miniature size make the SkyHigh ideal for vaporizing while in transit.


The SkyHigh vaporizer can be cleaned by using a q-tip dipped into 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to swab out the heating element. Make sure that it’s only slightly damp and you use the other dry end to swab out any liquid residue from the atomizer. Residue built up from vaped wax can actually impede the performance of the vaporizer and reduce the battery life so be sure to regularly clean out your atomizer. We recommend doing this at least every 2 weeks if you’re using it often. The mouthpiece is much easier to clean; just use a moist toilette or a damp cloth to wipe it down. If you’re concerned about germs, SkyHigh includes several plastic tips to keep your mouthpiece hygienic and clean.

Additional Information

Warranty Info 30 days - Battery
Voltage No
Height (packaging) 3.5 in.
Width (packaging) 6 in.
Length (packaging) 1.75 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.40 lbs.