Source Micro 3.0 Vaporizer

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  • Compatible with Waxy Oils
  • Easy to Use
  • One-Button Operation
  • Long Battery Life
  • Includes Carrying Case

Product Description


Source Micro Vaporizer is a sleek, professional vape pen that utilizes a stainless steel coil wrapped around a wick to create a conduction current which vaporizes the vital ingredients in your waxes and essential oils. Source Micro is very easy to use and has a short learning curve; it features a long-lasting battery, a user-friendly mouthpiece and an attractive, ergonomic design, making Source Micro the perfect waxy oil vaporizer for beginners who want a cheap and effective way to vaporize while saving a lot on their concentrates.


All you do is use the included vape tool to load a couple dabs of concentrate into the Source Micro Atomizer, then cover it with the mouthpiece and attach to the battery. Make sure your Source Micro battery is fully charged before unlocking it. You can unlock the battery by clicking it 5 times rapidly. Once the battery is unlocked, hold down the activator button for 5-8 seconds and inhale gently. You can keep inhaling for a couple of seconds once you’ve released pressure from the button to make sure you get all of the vapor that has been created.


Every Source Micro Vaporizer includes a loading tool in the package. You can use this to load your concentrates and to scrape the sides of the atomizer for residual oil after each session. For more thorough cleaning, we recommend using an isopropyl alcohol solution on a cotton swab to swab out the inside and outer walls of the atomizer. Be sure to let it air out for about an hour after cleaning before activating the atomizer. When not in use, we recommend charging the Source Micro fully in order to maximize battery life. A Wall Adapter and USB Charger come included with every Source Micro Vaporizer so you can charge up pretty much anywhere! Storing and transporting the Source Micro Vaporizer is a piece of cake: simply lock the battery by clicking 5 times and place the vaporizer in the padded travel case with your chargers for complete protection during transit.

Additional Information

Warranty Info Battery - 3 Months
Voltage 110v
Height (packaging) 7.5 in.
Width (packaging) 4 in.
Length (packaging) 2 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.50 lbs.