Silver Surfer VIP Cartomizer Vaporizer

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  • Compatible with E-Juices and E-Liquids
  • Sleek, Discreet Design
  • Advanced Cartomizer System
  • One-Button Activation
  • 1.3 Threading Compatible w/ VIP Pens

Product Description


The Silver Surfer VIP Cartomizer is the very first e-juice/e-liquid vaporizer pen made by 7th Floor, manufacturers of the world-renowned Silver Surfer, Da Buddha and Life Saber Vaporizers.  This high quality pen-style vape utilizes an advanced tank system that vaporizes liquid concentrates and nicotine substitutes. The SSV VIP Cartomizer is incredibly user-friendly and has virtually no learning curve; simply charge the battery, load the cartomizer, and vape away!

The battery features an LED indicator that displays the current battery life and the cartomizer itself is a see-through tank, making the SSV VIP a perfect vape for novices who are looking for an affordable way to improve their health by reducing the amount of toxins entering their lungs.

The VIP Cartomizer uses 1.3 threading and is available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Green and Purple.


Simply load your e-liquids or essential oils in the VIP cartridge and attach the cartridge to the battery. Make sure that the VIP battery is fully charged before you unlock it. To unlock, press the power button five times rapidly in succession. Once the unit is unlocked, hold down the power button for 5-8 seconds and begin to inhale slowly. You can release the button and continue inhaling for a couple of seconds to so you can inhale all of the vapor. Make sure to lock your VIP Cartomizer after use so you don’t accidentally activate it in your pocket.


Every SSV VIP Cartomizer comes with an oil packing tool and cleaning brush included. The packing tool can be used to load concentrates into the chamber and to scrape out residue once sessions are over.

You’ll know that you need a charge by monitoring the battery life using the LED display on the base of the battery. We recommend charging your Cartomizer battery fully when not in use, in order to maximize your battery life. A convenient USB Charger comes included with every SSV VIP Cartomizer so you can get a full charge pretty much anywhere!

To store and transport your VIP Cartomizer Vaporizer, simply unscrew the mouthpiece, tank and battery; then place them in the special VIP carrying case to ensure complete security while travelling with your vape pen.

Additional Information

Warranty Info 6 Months - Battery
Voltage No
Height (packaging) 3 in.
Width (packaging) 4.5 in.
Length (packaging) 3 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.20 lbs.