Omicron Vaporizer v2.5

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  • Newest Version - V2.5
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Completely Portable - No Cords or Wires
  • Durable Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Product Description

Omicron v 2.5

The Omicron vaporizer is a top-of-the-line personal vaporizer that enables discreet vaping anytime and anywhere you wish. Since the Omicron utilizes conduction currents to heat up herbal concentrates, there is no flame, no butane and no carcinogens involved. The Omicron is a thin, compact device that packs a real punch.

Unique Design

A truly vanguard handheld vaporizer pen for the discerning vaporist, Omicron by Delta 9 vapes delivers a satisfying vaporizing experience from your solid concentrates. The specially designed Extract Cartridge delivers robust flavor from beginning to end.

Holds a Full Gram

The Omicron Vaporizer features a large filling cartridge that will hold up to a full gram of solid concentrate. While many other vape pens and portable vaporizers promise efficient and easy use, they end up requiring constant loading. The Omicron offers a “load it and leave it” experience; simply load the chamber with a gram and you’ll get over 300 inhalations before needing to reload.

Advantages of Omicron Vaporizer

Omicron is a pocket-sized portable vaporizer that can charge go anywhere with ease. It’s available in red, blue, black, and silver. It’s also got a long-lasting rechargeable battery that provides hours of continual use.

Note: Only works with oils/concentrates - No Herbs.

Additional Information

Warranty Info

Lifetime Warranty - Heating Element and Electronics

Voltage Dual (110v + 220v)
Height (packaging) 6 in.
Width (packaging) 5.5 in.
Length (packaging) 1.5 in.
Weight (packaging) 2.00 lbs.