Oil Cartridges

Oil Cartridges

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  • 710Pen Individual Cartridge

    This is a replacement cartridge for the 710 Pen Vaporizer.

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  • AtmosRx (RAW) Optimus Cartridges / Oil Attachment

    This AtmosRx Optimus Cartridge / Oil Attachment is undoubtedly the ultimate tool to be used with all oils and concentrates. The measuring scale lets you see the amount of  oil remaining and the heating element heats concentrates evenly with no fear of leakage.

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  • Atmos Bullet Cartridges

    The Atmos Bullet Cartridge is used to heat up loose leaf material in select Atmos Vaporizers. When in use, it’s preferred to be used with the Atmos cone to avoid direct contact with the warm cartridge. Simply pack your herbs with the amount for sufficient draws then attach to the Atmos battery. Not for use with Atmos 510 thread batteries.

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  • AtmosRx Oil Cartridges

    These oil canisters allow you to enjoy your favorite waxes and essential oils in your AtmosRx (RAW) Vaporizer. All you do is load a dab or two of waxy oil into the canister, attach your AtmosRx battery, click the power button and inhale for 3-5 seconds. The vapor the AtmosRx creates is pure and flavorful, free from the harmful byproducts of combustion.

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  • White Rhino Liquid Wick Oil Tank

    This is a replacement wick oil tank for your White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer pen.

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  • White Rhino Liquid Wickless Oil Tanks
    This is a replacement oil tank for the White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer. It features a wickless tank for increased performance and efficiency. Depending on how often you're using the vaporizer, the liquid tanks will need to be replaced every two weeks to one month. Heavy usage can cause the tank to leak and that's when it's time to replace the tank.

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