Atmos Ole Vaporizer

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  • Easy Fill Tank
  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Compatible with E-Juice/E-Liquid
  • Available in a Variety of Color Options
  • One-Button Activation

Product Description


The Atmos Ole is a high performance e-juice/e-liquid vaporizer that features a fast-acting battery and one-touch activation. With the Atmos Ole there's no waiting to vape your favorite liquids and essential oils. This bad boy heats up in seconds and is pleasant on the mouth and throat. There's virtually zero learning curve with the Atmos Ole Vaporizer so it's perfect for someone who is new to the vaping lifestyle.


Simply remove the mouthpiece of the Atmos Ole and drip your desired liquid or essential oil into the heating chamber, or "clearomizer," to get started. Then replace the mouthpiece and unlock the battery by clicking the power button five times. You'll see the vape blinking to let you know it's unlocked. Then just press down on the power button while inhaling for about 3-5 seconds. This should provide a nice flavorful inhalation.


The Atmos Ole clearomizer can be cleaned out using a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution rinse. To charge your Atmos Ole, simply plug it into the USB charger included with the vaporizer and you can charge at any computer or USB adapter point. We recommend charging your battery fully between uses. This preserves battery life and ensures consistent heating every time.

Additional Information

Warranty Info 3 Months - Battery
Voltage 110v
Height (packaging) 2 in.
Width (packaging) 7 in.
Length (packaging) 1.2 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.20 lbs.