Atmos A-Pen Vaporizer

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Product Description


The Atmos A-Pen Vaporizer is a stealthy vape pen that is compatible with essential and waxy oils. It features a one-button activation system and a refillable cartridge for your loose leaves and liquid concentrates. It is powered by a 110v rechargeable battery and includes a convenient mouthpiece cover for safe, discreet transportation.


Simply unscrew the fountain-pen-style mouthpiece cover and mouthpiece to reveal the atomizer or oil canister within your heating chamber. There is protective casing around the heating chamber for increased stealth and to cool the unit while it's in your hand. Load up a small dab onto the atomizer or load a few drips of liquid into your oil clearomizer, screw on the mouthpiece, and you're ready to vaporize in seconds! Simply unlock the battery by clicking five times in succession on the power button, then use that same power button to prime the heating chamber. Hold it down for 2-3 seconds while breathing gently for satisfying clouds wherever your travels may take you.


Vaporizer Pen Shop recommends that you charge your A-Pen Vaporizer regularly between uses. There is a USB Adapter and Wall Charger included with the vaporizer to achieve a full charge no matter where you go: home, office, car or laptop can all charge your A-Pen so you're never far from satisfying vapor with this state of the art oil vaporizer.

Additional Information

Warranty Info 1 Year
Voltage No
Height (packaging) 7 in.
Width (packaging) 4 in.
Length (packaging) 1.5 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.50 lbs.