Source Micro Vaporizer Kit

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  • Compatible with Waxy Oils
  • 5-Click Lock Mechanism
  • Portable Design
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • High-Quality Atomizer

Product Description


The Source Micro Vaporizer Kit is compatible with most waxy and essential oils. The Source Micro features a micro-USB port for fast charging on the go. It utilizes a high-quality atomizer that efficiently vaporizes your favorite waxes and reaches vaporizing temperatures within 2-3 seconds. The Source Micro also features a 1-button activator and 5-click locking mechanism for preserving battery life and preventing unwarranted usage.


The Source Micro Vape is an elliptical wax vaporizer, which means it heats up faster than any other model of portable vaporizer available today. The elliptical battery is a 110V strength and can be charged anywhere a USB port exists: whether in your car, home or office you'll never be far from a fully charged Micro. Thanks to the discreet, pen-style aesthetic, you can palm the vape and get satisfying rips virtually anywhere you go. Don't be afraid to take your vaping habit in public, that's what the Source Micro is designed for!


We recommend charging the Source battery for at least an hour or 2 before using. This will ensure that you have a full charge for your vaporizing needs. This vape is designed exclusively for liquid and waxy concentrates, so if you want to preserve the life of your atomizer, it is imperative that you do NOT use loose leaf material or e-juice in this vaporizer.

NOTE: Source Micro Vaporizer is only available in Black.

Additional Information

Warranty Info No
Voltage No
Height (packaging) 2.75 in.
Width (packaging) 6.25 in.
Length (packaging) 1 in.
Weight (packaging) 0.20 lbs.