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  • Micro Vaped Vaporizer
    The Micro Vaped is an affordable and high quality pen vaporizer for concentrates like waxes. It features a powerful lithium-ion battery and the user’s choice of plastic or metal mouthpiece. The pen itself is made from stainless steel and the pen’s exterior is coated with a smooth rubber sleeve that protects your hands from getting too warm.

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  • Micro Vaped Vaporizer v2.0

    The Micro Vaped Vaporizer is a slender vape pen that is compatible with waxy and essential oils. The titanium skillet attachment ensures that you are getting the most efficient vaporization possible, maximizing the life and potency of your waxy oils. Featuring a handy 1-button activation system, the Micro Vaped is very easy to operate and can be used virtually anywhere without attracting prying eyes. Every Micro Vaped Vaporizer Kit includes a battery, a skillet attachment, a dabbing load tool, a USB charger and a padded carrying case.

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  • Micro Vaped Luxury Vaporizer

    If you want to make your concentrates go the distance, you need the MicroVaped Luxury Vaporizer. It’s made from high quality materials which you can feel when you handle it. These guys have been making vape pens for a long time and they’ve really honed their technology; this new iteration of the original MicroVaped Vaporizer really goes over and above anything they’ve produced thus far. We love the Luxury Vaporizer for its vapor quality and efficiency with concentrates such as wax and oil.

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  • Micro Vaped Titan Vaporizer

    The Micro Vaped Titan is a heavy-duty portable vaporizer that is compatible with both dry herbs as well as waxy oils. Every Titan Vaporizer Kit comes with two 18350 batteries that provides decidedly better performance than most vaporizer pens on the market. On a full charge, the Titan will give you over 4 hours of continual herb and wax vaping. 

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  • Micro Vaped Nano Vaporizer

    The MicroVaped Nano is a high performance vaporizer pen made specifically for waxes and essential oils. Featuring a titanium coil atomizer, the Nano offers wickless operation which is the most efficient way to enjoy dabs while on the go. Every Nano comes with a dabber tool and a keychain holder included and is backed by a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The Nano is available in either Silver or Black finish.

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