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The 710Pen is a premier oil and wax vaporizer that is compact and very easy to use. This vape pen features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well as a fast-acting heating element. We also offer the 710Pen Mini Vaporizer, which is the little brother of the original 710Pen. Available in a variety of colors, the 710Pen Mini is extremely discreet and is designed to befit any professional vaporist's lifestyle. Whether you prefer waxy oils or essential oils, the high-quality atomizer in the 710Pen and 710Pen Mini is designed to handle either material with ease, providing flavorful vapor every time.

  • 710Pen Vaporizer

    Do right by your oils. Give them the quintessential oil vaporizer, the 710 Pen. This crafty convection cooker will cook you up something fierce. Thanks to its thin size and sleek veneer, the 710 Pen can travel virtually anywhere.

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  • 710Pen Mini Vaporizer

    The same cosmopolitan appearance and function of the 710 Pen is now available in miniature form. Just picture your suave and stylish self vaping away in the nightclub, the comedy club, or the concert hall with the 710 Mini. This little guy is just as powerful as its big brother, the original 710 Pen, but this one is even more discreet and undetectable.

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  • 710Pen ARK Vaporizer Kit

    The 710Pen is one of the most trusted names in the vaporizer pen market, and they have upped the ante for wax vapes with their brand new Ark Vaporizer Kit. The 710 Pen Ark Vaporizer Kit is the perfect merging of value, functionality, and performance. With three different batteries and eight – that’s right EIGHT – different heating cartridges, the ARK Vaporizer Kit is a comprehensive vape package that offers you everything you could possibly want for a satisfying portable vaporizing experience.

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